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École St Joseph - Lumbin


English Lessons
English lessons are a part of the normal curriculum and start in pre-school. These are provided by specialised external teachers.

A muscial in english (prepared with the Lumbin music school) was played July 1st 2006.


A small library ("BCD : Bibliothèque / Centre Documentaire") exists for the pre-school.

A "BCDRI : Bibliothèque, Centre de Documentation et de Recherche Informatique ", including PCs and wireless internet access points, will soon be available for the primary grades.

For CP (UK: ; USA: 1st grade) and CE1 (UK: ; USA: 2nd grade) classes, the school organises swimming classes during a part of the year, at the Crolles public swimming pool.

On school time, outings are organised according to the topics studied in class, such as:

  • Museum
  • Farm
  • Nature outings

Thematic Activities

  • Play days with games according to the school project
  • Cooking days
  • Christmas market

The 5th grade classes pass the B2i (Brevet Informatique et Internet), a standardised computer and internet exam.


  • Class activities around the important times of the year, Christmas and Easter, with parental participation (optional).
  • Social awareness activities (bowl of rice , ...)
  • Catechism: provided by parents outside regular school hours (optional)
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