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École St Joseph - Lumbin

Educational Vision

St Joseph's School is a vibrant Catholic school that is open to all.

The pupils, teachers, parents, personnel and administrators all share and are committed to this vision.

The teachers and personnel strive to:

  • provide a quality education, close to the pupils’ needs.
  • foster an environment of mutual trust and respect between teachers, parents, and pupils.
  • take part in a group while building one’s own character and personality.
  • widen the child’s vision, and offer alternatives to violence and aggressive behaviour.
  • learn to live in harmony and to accept differences. reinforce the school dynamic.
  • develop strong points, and practice positive evaluation.

This is achieved through:

  • frequent meetings and daily interaction between teachers.
  • meetings between parents and teachers, who are generally available for discussion before or after classes.

École St Joseph
170 rue Grand Dufay
38660 LUMBIN
tél / fax: 04 76 08 27 01