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École St Joseph - Lumbin

General Information


St. Joseph’s pre-school and elementary school is situated in the village of Lumbin (between Crolles and Le Touvet), in the heart of the Gresivaudan valley, in the Isère. The school is a part of the Grenoble Catholic Diocese and is also under contrat with the French government. St. Joseph’s school is open to all.


  • There are two pre-school classes (we accept to children starting at 2 and 1/2)
  • Three elementary classes
  • CLIS1 : A School Integration Class (for children with disabilities)

The teachers are in close contact with parents to ensure the best possible guidance for each pupil.Once or twice a year, an individual assessment is provided concerning each child’s overall development and progress in school work.

A Unique Environment

The school is housed in buildings that are over 100 years old on the outskirts of the village, and is surrounded by a beautiful wooded parkland.

School Hours
== Monday == Tuesday == Thursday ==
- 12:00
- 14:30
   (relaxing activities including catechism or help with schoolwork : optional)
- 17:00
== Friday ==    
- 12:00
- 16:15
   (no activities during Friday lunch)

Before and After School

The school organises daycare in the mornings from 7:45 AM and in the evenings until 5:30 PM or 6 PM on certain days (discuss this with the Principal).

English Lessons

English lessons are integrated into the normal scholastic activities, starting in preschool.
The school also has a number of native English speakers amongst its pupils.

A school show in English is being prepared for April 2006.


A cafeteria provides hot meals and daycare every school day. Children may also bring bag lunches on Mondays and Thursdays.

To register your child at St. Joseph’s, please arrange to meet with the Principal, Mme Balestra, by calling 04 76 08 27 01.

Parent Associations
There are two parent organisations involved with the school:

  • APEL : Associations de Parents de l'Enseignement Libre
  • OGEC : Organisme de Gestion de l'Enseignement Catholique



École St Joseph
170 rue Grand Dufay
38660 LUMBIN
tél / fax: 04 76 08 27 01